$3 Fuel Surcharges Apply • Important Notice Regarding COVID-19

J & J Disposal Pricing

$3 fuel surchages apply

Residential Curbside Trash Pickup

As of April 1, 2022 there is a price increase.

Starting at $58/quarter. Residential curbside trash pickup is billed quarterly (every 3 months) in advance. Payment is due by the 1st day of the quarter.

Discounts are offered to veterans and seniors. Proof of senior citizenship required for senior rate.

Seniors limit up to 5 normal size kitchen bags (extra bags can be prepaid for before the day of pickup). Up to 10 normal size kitchen bags with normal rate (extra bags can be prepaid for before the day of pickup).

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Please contact us for pricing and availability. A 6-month contract is required for a dumpster with a 3-month down payment.

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A $5 late fee will charged if payment is not received within 15 days of the due date. If payment is not received within 30 days of the due day, J & J Disposal reserves the right to cancel your services. A $25 returned check fee will be charged for each check made payable to J & J Disposal that is returned by the bank for insufficient funds.

Please note: Allowing another person who is not a paying customer of J & J Disposal to put trash with yours is illegal. This is considered "Theft of Service" and will result in additional charges to your account and possible cancellation of your service.